Banning Guns Gives the 1%, 100% of the Power T-Shirt


  • The t-shirts are screen printed for maximum durability
  • 100% Cotton, Pre-shrunk 6.1 oz. Ultra Weight Cotton, not the lighter 5.0 0z cotton that most sellers use
  • Printed in 4 locations: Front left chest, back, and both sleeves, plus a printed neck label for comfort and features the Second Amendment Militia logo.
  • Trademarked Second Amendment Militia Brand, and Copyrighted Original Design
  • Makes a Great Gift, Even to Yourself..
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 Banning Guns Gives the 1%, 100% of the Power T-Shirt

Many have said it…Gun Control is not about Guns, it’s about Control! And when the government has all of the guns, you know they will have control. The Second Amendment was written into our Constitution for a reason, and that reason was to give the People the ability to fight a Tyrannical Government. Otherwise we would be slaves to a tyrannical government with no means to fight back. Once the government has taken the guns, they are not coming back. The People must never allow their right to bear arms to be taken away! We have used an armed grim reaper as a symbol of that tyrannical government who is ready to disarm the people, and with that come bitter and permanent consequences.

It’s funny how the very politicians who want to disarm the people, are protected by armed body guards, paid for by the very¬† people they want to disarm. I’m not sure the word “funny” is the right choice of words here, perhaps I should have used the word “alarming”. Just imagine, gun grabbing politicians want to be protected by bodyguards carrying firearms, but the People who Pay for these firearm carrying bodyguards are not allowed to protect themselves with the same weapons. Let that sink in and then tell me that gun control is not about control.

This t-shirt has great graphics and an important statement.

This t-shirt design come in 5 Colors: Black, Military Green, Sports Grey, Charcoal, and Sand.

It also comes in 5 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large, XXXX-Large, XXXX- Large.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large, XXXX-Large, XXXXX-Large


Black, Military Green, Sports Grey, Sand, Charcoal


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